Story Water

Available on iTunes and

Available on iTunes and

"An amazing album of virtuosic guitar and violin. ...easily one of the finest acoustic ensembles of the past decade."

Alternate Music Press

"...lilting, poignant... a must-hear for those interested in intelligent, sensitive instrumentals full of soul and passion."


Released in 1997, Art Turner's powerful, cinematic recording debut won him a #12 spot on U.S. New Age Radio, a top-selling run in Barnes & Noble USA's In-Store Play Program, an endorsement deal with John Pearse Strings, and a place on CBC Radio Canada host Jurgen Gothe's prestigious Hit List of best albums of '97. People who like this album tend to take it very personally and passionately. There's a woman in the Yukon Territory who lives in the bush with no electricity who, every Saturday night, lights candles, fires up her generator, climbs into a hot bath, and listens to Story Water in its entirety. There's a woman in Texas who e-mailed the artist in desperation when her well-worn copy was liberated by an unidentified co-worker; even a 7-year-old boy who insists on listening to it before going to sleep every night. Story Water means a lot of different things to different people, but one thing's for sure. Curl up in your favourite chair, throw this in the CD player, and it will take you someplace special and unique to you.

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