"...exquisite picking."

-- Guitar Player magazine

" Sonora is a beautiful piece with all the polish in the world without the sterilization that often happens when polish outshines emotion."

-- Will Ackerman, Grammy Award-winning guitarist and founder of Windham Hill Records

"Here is the high art of the solo guitar: big, bold, atmospheric; percussive, lyrical, full-frontal, tranquil; meditative, incendiary... In the heart and hands of Art Turner, we hear the hegemony of Hedges, the fleet fingerwork of Fahey, the blaze of Basho, and lyricism of Lang... And underneath it all, never very far from the surface, the sure-handed skills of one hell of a steel-string picker."

-- Jurgen Gothe, DiscDrive, CBC Radio 2

"His playing is incandescent, his tunes seething with life's moods and drives. They don't always follow a strict melody line, but seem to search around for interesting moments, stopping here and there to nail the moods in a passionate embrace with his superb technical command, and then move on again and again. This disc is a great listen."

-- David Ingram, Penguin Eggs

"The fingerstyle art of guitar playing by Turner is feverishly bright and achingly beautiful."

-- Dirty Linen

"One of the finest fingerstyle guitarists working in Canada today."

-- Dawson City Music Festival

"Winnipeg's acoustic guitar god Art Turner seemingly has only himself to compete with as his notoriety expands outside the boundaries of this province, and indeed the country. His fourth album is front-to-back virtuosity and his easy-rolling songs paint pictures with their errant flow and fluid delivery. It makes sense, as Turner is a steady-handed photographer as well -- the album sleeve is littered with tiny examples of his captures. Like his music, the images are by turn playful, stark, questioning and evocative, which is what sets him apart from a whole raft of his less-than-thrilling contemporaries."

-- Winnipeg Free Press

Red Havens Rising is the kind of CD a friend is likely to pull out of his backpack after a satisfying campfire meal, introducing it by saying, "You've GOT to hear this - it's the perfect music for conversation and star-watching..." Turner exhibits some of what's come to be known as the Windham Hill sound, but is more than few cuts above, at best evoking memories of work by guitar whizzes like Steve Hackett and Alex De Grassi. Without wanting to lapse into cliche, it could be said that Turner's music simulates or evokes something some of us see too rarely these days: the natural world. Or you could say it combines a vivid landscape (Turner lives on a Canadian prairie) with man at his most sensitive. And how can that be bad? Turner's not that well known south of the Canadian border. It would be a shame if it stayed that way, and only people with musically savvy camping buddies got to bask in these lovely and stimulating sounds.

-- Mary Leary, Folkwax

"Art's music makes me think of highways, open spaces and long, star-filled nights. I hear in it a sense of place. Music like this is a joy to play -- open and evocative. In this world I have the feeling that anything can happen."

-- Michael Manring