Musical Partners

Introducing just a few of the people who make what I do possible...

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Alan Beardsell Guitars

Al Beardsell is a mad genius luthier, and the creator of a stunning array of acoustic and electric guitars, mandolins, banjos and other weird and wonderful things. He built my "blackwood beast" (the long-scale Malaysian blackwood acoustic that appears in my videos), one of the most inspiring and impressive instruments I've ever laid hands on. I'm also the photographer and designer behind his web presence, by the way...

Linda Manzer Guitars

What can I say? Linda is a wonder and a (well-deserved) legend. One of the nicest, most genuinely lovely human beings I've ever met, Linda's list of satisfied clients reads like a who's-who of my all-time favourite guitarists (Bruce Cockburn and Pat Metheny among them). She's also the creator of the magical guitar that got me started on this musical journey (a guitar that Bruce Cockburn now records and tours with -- long story...)

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Morgan Guitars

David Iannone is a highly accomplished, master luthier. A great many of the tunes I have written and recorded over the years have been played on his Morgan guitars.

Taylor Guitars

It's amazing that a shop that turns out so many guitars can still keep the standard of quality so high. Over the years I have played several Taylors (and R. Taylors) and every one was a treat. They've also been very supportive and lovely to deal with, I must say.

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John Pearse Strings

Quite simply the best strings I've ever used. Love the strings and the folks who make them.