Another New Single!

As promised, I've just released my second new single this year, Digby's Dance. Those of you who know me well know what this tune is about, and how much it means to me. You can stream it for free from my home page here, watch the video here or on YouTube, or get it on iTunes and Spotify. Just like my most recent single, Sleeping Giant Dreams of Flight, this was recorded on the wondrous long-scale Beardsell Guitar. Just listen to this thing ring... Wow. Enjoy.

Art Turner releases new single after ten-year hiatus

Well, thanks for waiting... After more than a decade on the sidelines, it's time for some new music. This will be the first of several new singles released over the coming months, some with accompanying videos. It's been a long time coming, to say the least, but life happens, and inspiration and circumstance have a way of coalescing on their own terms and on their own schedule. For years I've wanted to have some sort of presence on YouTube and beyond, but I was physically unable to play for years due to shoulder issues, and then there was the issue of not only getting my chops back up, but also writing new material that was at once sufficiently melodic, rhythmic, and visually interesting to stand on its own, both sonically and visually. So... it's time to take a deep breath and muster the courage to put myself out there, among the vast array of ridiculously great players steaming up the internet these days. A laughably terrifying prospect, to be sure, but we'll see what happens. (Actually, I'm kind of looking forward to the spiritually liberating experience of seeing the trolls point out all the shortcomings I happen to completely agree with.) If I get enough followers (please subscribe to my YouTube channel, share my videos on social media, and/or follow me on Spotify if you like what you're hearing), maybe I'll even keep doing it...